Book Genre: Contemporary Dark Romance

His Tinkerbelle

She’s got a beautiful life.
I’ll gladly burn it down to save her.

She’s been a thorn in my side for as long as I can remember—Belle Barrie.
With a smile that shows a sweet disposition.
And a body that invites total depravity.

Belle thought she knew my world.
Thought she could play with the big dogs.
When her boss decides to play me, she’s caught in the crossfire.

Now we’re talking about a full-fledged gang war.
The kind that mows down innocent bystanders.

Her life as the bargaining chip.

Everyone knows I’m ruthless.
I’m a cold-hearted killer.
My rise through the family is followed by a trail of bodies.
Yeah, some are women.
The ones who thought they could trust me.
They paid for that mistake with their lives.

Now, there’s just one more debt to pay in blood.
I need to be the monster I am.
Not the man I want to be for her.
If I win, I’ll have everything I ever dreamed of.
But if I do that, Belle will die.

And I’ll lose the only woman I’ve ever loved.

Welcome to Mayhem Ever After series! This is the second in a series of dark, possessive, alpha male romances featuring brooding heroes and the sassy women that love them. No cheating. No cliffhangers. HEA guaranteed!

His Cinderella

She thinks she can escape me? She’s wrong.
She will never escape.

Ella Ashmore was perfect.
Hell, she still is.
Kind. Sweet. Pretty.
A body that doesn’t quit.
She’d have guys lined up around the block if they weren’t so worried I’d kill them for looking.

Because I never stopped loving her.
Even when she found out about me. About my family.
Got sickened and disgusted about what I did for a living.
Told me to get the hell out.
Sure, I left.
But I knew I’d be back.
That I’d make her mine.

And now… I’m back, baby.
She needed saving.
She put herself out there. For sale.
Anyone coulda had her.
But I got her.
I paid good money for her.

And now I’m going to collect.

His Princess

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She thinks I’m a monster. She’s not far from the truth.

But even monsters have eyes.
And when I set my eyes on Alicia, my entire body tenses.
That ass of hers and the way she walks? It’s enough to raise the dead.

Nevermind that she’s as sweet as a fucking button.
With those big eyes that bust into your soul.
With smile that makes me feel like I just came home.
When I’m with her… I forget what I do for a living.

Except that other part of my life won’t forget me.
My job is to kill people.
That’s who I am.
That’s what I do.
I can’t deny that part of me.
And I’m good.
But there’s always one rule that I gotta follow no matter what.

No witnesses.

So what do you do when you’re a hitman and your girlfriend figures out you’re a killer?
When you don’t know if your girlfriend is gonna squeal.
When your boss tells you that he wants her dead for what she saw?
My carefully crafted criminal world may be shattered.
But I won’t give her up. I won’t hurt her.
There’s only one thing more important than my life.

And that’s hers.

His Belle

Her mission is to take down men like me. I figure it’s going to be fun for us both.

She’s the kind of girl that has you at hello with that hair, those eyes, and them curves. I’m getting hard just thinking about the first time we met. She told me she was gonna lock me up and throw away the key. Heh, unlikely.

Some people flirt by sending roses. Others try cheesy pickup lines. Me? I put explosives under her car.

But a chick like Donna? She survives that $h1t and comes back stronger. It’s the kind of relentlessness that makes me realize why I failed in the first place. I don’t want her to die, I want her alive.

And all to myself.

Devil’s Advocate

Sophie’s mine.
And I’ll kill to keep her.

Navigating the mafia underground in Chicago is not easy.
It’s like a waltz where nobody ever taught you the steps.
You show respect when it’s due, never back down,
And kill who they want you to kill.

I didn’t become a Made Man by being careless,
But even the most ardent professional stumbles now and again.
Sophie’s job is to keep me from ending up in the slammer,
She thinks we’re done once I walk out of court a free man.
Too bad I’m hooked on my defense lawyer’s lovely charms,

And what I want, I get.
You see, Indro Lastra is a Made Man,
And a Made Man gets what he wants.
I want Sophie Vercetti. And I won’t let anything stop me.
Not a gang war. Not the police.
And not even the Family stand in my way.

And once I get her…

I’m never, ever, letting her go.

Devil’s Detail

When you’re “connected” in the Windy City, there are no guarantees.

I grew up in the Family, navigating the labyrinth of courtesies in the layer cake of the Chicago Mob. When the capo says jump, you ask “how high?” They tell you to off somebody…

You get the job done or you don’t come home.
Play your cards right, and you’ll be a Made Man. Set for life—a violent life, but set. Play them wrong… well, the pay is great, but the retirement plan stinks.

Enter one Isabella Lastra. Beautiful but sad, thoughtful but spirited. One look, and I know…

I have to make her mine.

I’m supposed to protect Isabella, not fall in love with her. The Loggia Family is out for blood, and Isabella is in their crosshairs. I’ll do anything to protect the woman I love. Anything.

Even if I have to steal her.

Can love survive in this blood-soaked, honor-bound world? Or will my quest to be a Made Man cost me the one woman I can’t live without? One thing’s for sure, if they want to take Isabella from me…

They’re going to have to kill me first.

Devil’s Daughter

I came to save her life. She took my heart.

They call her Zola.
She’s the Don’s daughter and the girl I gotta protect.
A curvy little bombshell, this little ball of spitfire has somehow gotten herself mixed up with the wrong people.
They’re coming for her now.
And only one person is gonna stop them.


I’m the only choice.
I’m a Made man. I’m the most loyal.
I’ve lived a life of sheer brutality and I relish violence.

Duty, loyalty, honor. These are the only emotions that matter to me. 

Until Zola.
She shows me something that trumps all.
Might even make a man go against his own family.
What’s this fourth emotion?


Devil’s Hand

**Releasing 3/22/22.**

I thought I was evil. Then I met her.

Othello Maloik.
The name should strike fear in your heart if you know who I am—a man of violent extremes.
I got the taste for the finer things in life. Fine wine. Five-star food. And of course, beautiful women.

On the other hand I kill with brutality and without hesitation.

But something is missing.
More than money and fancy cars, I want a woman.
Not one of the floozies that go in and out of my life.
But a woman who will truly accept me for the violent man that I am.
Who will revel in my kill count.

That’s when I meet Violetta.
Beautiful as she is dark on the inside.
She’s got some interests that would make a man pale.
With the white hair and beautiful body of an angel.

She’ll be the soul that will keep me company in Hell.

Devil’s Gambit

I’ve lived my life giving in to my darker desires. And now I’ve found the darkest desire of all—Bianca.

Let’s start out by agreeing I’m not a nice man. I’m not a good man. I’m not kind or compassionate. Hell, my dad made me kill my first guy when I was twelve.

But Bianca Salerno? She’s the real deal. Sweetest girl in the world. A real beauty, too. The kind of beauty you’d take home to meet your parents.

It's funny. This is the girl that gets me to stop killing. Not because she loves me and wants me to be better. Or because she thinks I can do more with my life. No. It’s because when I look at her, I can’t accept any more assignments.

Why? Because my next assignment is her.

His Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty is about to be rescued by a vicious prince.

Aurora has been sheltered from all the bad things in life, but it’s too bad the world couldn’t shelter her from me. And trust me baby, I’m a bad man. As the unofficial Prince of all crime in New York City, I exist in a world of violence and death.

Cross me? The next stop is your grave.

But Aurora does more than cross me. In a way no chick ever could, she gets under me, she goes over me, and she makes me fall for that tight body. Hard.

Now the only question that’s out there is: what’s Sleeping Beauty going to do when she wakes up to me?

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