Shattered Hearts

I’m after college acceptance letters.
The mafia is after me.

With Luca Rossi by my side, I struggle to find my place among the Leonetti crime family.
All I want is a relationship with my father. But his plans are much larger than that.
And when a don tells you what to do, you don’t say no.

I thought my senior year would be exciting.
Instead, it’s turned into a crash course in how to become a don.
I’m forced to choose between a normal life or one of crime.
And I don’t think I really have an option.

What’s worse is my sudden appearance causes tension among the family.
And in the mafia, there’s only one way to solve a problem.
Get rid of it.

My life hangs in the balance of who can get to me first. Will Luca be able to save me?

Or will I be another job that’s taken care of?

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