Savage Hearts

I never believed love could happen to someone like me.
Until I met the man who taught me I was worthy.

I never thought I’d fall in love with my enemy, but Luca has stolen my heart.
If only high school was as easy to deal with as my mafia boyfriend.

But I soon realize that my problems extend outside the realm of teenage drama.
My mother’s absence has brought too much attention to me.
And her return catches the eye of, not one, but two crime bosses.

Soon I learn that I am going to pay the price for her mistakes—caught in the crosshairs of her past.
I pray no on pulls the trigger.

There’s only one man who can get me out, and I’ve put my trust in him.
But I may have misjudged Luca.
Because when it comes to his work for the family or me…

Which will he choose?

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