Book Series: Family First Series

Broken Hearts

Love? F-love. It’s a joke.

I’ve seen my mom get burned too many times by guys that said “I love you.” I know it’s not real. And it never lasts even if it was based in reality.

All that changes when I meet Luca Rossi.

You’d think I’d know to run away.

That I’d see how he treats everyone else like he’s superior and get that he’s not someone I want to be with.

There’s just one thing, though…

He really is superior to everyone else in every way I can imagine. He’s rich. He’s powerful. He’s sexy as h3ll.

All together, it makes him cocky AF and cruel.

And that’s another reason love is bad… because it’s going to hurt.

Savage Hearts

I never believed love could happen to someone like me.
Until I met the man who taught me I was worthy.

I never thought I’d fall in love with my enemy, but Luca has stolen my heart.
If only high school was as easy to deal with as my mafia boyfriend.

But I soon realize that my problems extend outside the realm of teenage drama.
My mother’s absence has brought too much attention to me.
And her return catches the eye of, not one, but two crime bosses.

Soon I learn that I am going to pay the price for her mistakes—caught in the crosshairs of her past.
I pray no on pulls the trigger.

There’s only one man who can get me out, and I’ve put my trust in him.
But I may have misjudged Luca.
Because when it comes to his work for the family or me…

Which will he choose?

Shattered Hearts

I’m after college acceptance letters.
The mafia is after me.

With Luca Rossi by my side, I struggle to find my place among the Leonetti crime family.
All I want is a relationship with my father. But his plans are much larger than that.
And when a don tells you what to do, you don’t say no.

I thought my senior year would be exciting.
Instead, it’s turned into a crash course in how to become a don.
I’m forced to choose between a normal life or one of crime.
And I don’t think I really have an option.

What’s worse is my sudden appearance causes tension among the family.
And in the mafia, there’s only one way to solve a problem.
Get rid of it.

My life hangs in the balance of who can get to me first. Will Luca be able to save me?

Or will I be another job that’s taken care of?

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